Sunday, December 2, 2012

LBC Week 10: DIY Gift Ideas

As my illness is finally crawling closer to an end, I'm tentatively returning to my online life - and as I write this little article on DIY gift tips,  I sincerely hope the upcoming Christmas will be a wonderful, immensely happy time for everyone<3
Without further ado, here are my humble tips for presents.

1. For a friend/relative who likes to sew or embroider:

A simple, yet cute needle case - it is rather quick to make and incredibly easy! Even absolute beginners at ribbonwork can do it - should you wish to give it a try, Carol Daisy has got a bunch of lovely ribbonwork tutorials here.

2. For somebody, who likes to keep their home pretty and cosy...

... consider embellishing some household item (tablecloth, pillowcase) with your friend's/relative's initials! These lovely designs by Di van Niekerk are a bit time consuming, but they are sure to bring smiles on the recipient's face. Here is what the frilly pillowcase I'm working on looks like after one evening:
Yes, I'm making it from scratch - even the pillow.
The state after three evenings:

3. For a Classic Lolita

 A rose corsage is a fun, quick and easy project truly anybody can make - and on a budget, too! A nice tutorial can be found here.

4. For a Sweet Lolita

Both bows, pearl brooches and fuzzy clips are extremely easy to make and present immensely heart-warming gifts; I know my heart flutters and my lips spring to a beaming smile whenever my sister makes me a new set of accessories like these:-) Violet of Tales of an Ingénue has got a great tutorial how to make the fuzzy clips here.

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Lots of love, happiness, health and wealth wishes


Friday, November 2, 2012

LBC Week 6: Lolita Playlist

The strictly Lolita part:

    Mostly the usual suspects, I suppose - Kanon Wakeshima has long been my favourite as far as strictly Lolita music goes, but lately these Russian guys topped her. They are absolutely amazing!

The Lifestyle Lolita part:


Now I really wonder if any of the other Loli bloggers will share my taste:-D

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Love, RosaJ

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival - Week 2: 3 Trends You Could Never Get Into

  1. The classical large rectangular headdress. This point is perhaps not that surprising, since they have gone out of fashion quite a while ago - but as I started out in 2008, I still remember them being quite the rage, and as a matter of fact, if they suited me, I would care but little if they are in vogue or not. Back in 2008 I actually owned one - pink, lacy, AP-styled, very pretty. I was very sad when I realized how little it flattered me.


  2. The rocking horse shoes. While I'm unsure about their popularity in the international community, they seem to be trendy still in my country - I do not dislike them, in fact I consider some of the designs rather cute, yet I have never yearned to own a pair, or even try them out. For gazing at, there are surely many which are very nice - but worn, I find them a little clumsy and a bit too big to look good.

  3. Trash Lolita. This is not a clothing trend actually, but rather a tendency which was a great craze in my community a couple of years ago: to take photos in Lolita while standing next to a trash bin, holding a toilette paper, going through garbage or drinking and smoking in a pub. I have never understood the appeal. 
              That is all for this week's challenge - I'm curious to see what others have come up with:-)

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful Sights: A Visit to a Toy Museum at the Prague Castle

      My country is magical. In the good and bad sense, almost everything is possible here. And part of the magic of Prague, our capital, is the fact that at the very heart of our ancient and beautiful Prague Castle, stands a tremendously beautiful Cathedral, from what I have read and seen so far, quite a rarity in Europe. It is this Cathedral of Saint Vitus which gives Prague its characteristic panorama, like the Eiffel Tower gives it to Paris; it is in this Cathedral the Crown jewels are kept, among which, the jewel most mystic and most valuable, is the Crown of the Saint Wenceslav, Crown which is said to kill in a year anybody who illegitimately puts it on his head. (By the way, Reinhard Heydrich put it on the head of his son Klaus - and Klaus indeed died within a year in an accident.)
And it is nearby this majestic Cathedral that the Toy Museum is located. It is rather small and if you do not know about its existence, it is possible to pass it without notice - which, considering the beauty it hides within, low entry charges and possibility to make photos of everything within, would be quite a shame.

 The two identical dolls have got heads made of stone; they are one of the eldest dolls in the collection.

Besides porcelain dolls, there is also a whole floor devoted to Barbies, very pretty antique dollhouses, kitchens, shops, teddy bears, trains and other, rather unique toys - but about them, perhaps next time.


                                                         Love, RosaJ

Friday, June 15, 2012

Coordination Practice: Sweet Lolita

Princessy Jsk

            Jsk: Bodyline
            Blouse: AP
            Parasol: Baby
            Bag: AP
            Peeking-out bloomers: handmade by me

Sweets Parlour Replica

                                   Skirt: Fruits Parlour Bodyline Replica
                                   Blouse: AP
                                   Cardi: AP
                                   Bag: Bodyline
                                   Shoes: Bodyline

Pony in Sweet Dreams: a full Loli coord

                                  Skirt: Pony in Sweet Dreams by Baby
                                  Blouse: AP
                                  Cardi: AP
                                  Bag: Bodyline
                                  Shoes: Bodyline
A lazy day... 

                                T-shirt: Btssb
                                Bag: AP
A hot day...

                             Top: Sanrio/George

A not-so-hot day...

                                  Jacket:  offbrand, decoed by me 

Fairy-kei Sweet  
To be honest, I've got a great difficulty coordinating this skirt with anything 'toned down' - perhaps because this is the relatively craziest piece in my wardrobe, 'toned down' just doesn't work for it. So I decided to fairy-kei it up a bit...and I can't wait to wear it to school:-) The expressions on the faces of my schoolmates are going to be priceless.
                          Skirt and headbow: Milky Planet Replica by Oo Jia
                          T-shirt: plain white tee with ironed-on Care Bear:-)
                          Cardi: offbrand
                          Scarf: Claire's
                          Shoes: George

That's all for now!:-) Next is gonna come a sewing project, a doll museum visit photos, my bjd and so much more!

    Love, RosaJ

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Opera Bonnet won the April Contest at EGL!!!

 My bonnet just won the 'April Flowers' Contest at EGL! I'm so happy! It's a great incentive to make more of themXD

You can check out the other entries here:

So, to pass on some happiness, I made more mini wallpapers than I originally intended - enjoy! I hope you'll find one to your liking!
This is the first time I'm uploading something like this, so should something not work, please let me know.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


Monday, March 19, 2012

Bloomers, Upcycling and Fluffiness


           I got an itching in my hands to finish up a project that has been sleeping on the bottom of a wardrobe for some two years... bloomers. They were my learning piece, attempting to make our about century old Excella sewing machine and me friends, and though I love it to pieces for its age and design and fond memories of great-grandmamma, I must say with sadness this mission failed. I just don't seem to have the fine motoric skills mechanical sewing machine requires:-( So this scared me away for said two years and when I felt the itching, I jumped and finished it. Or better to say, finished the base. Being me, I doubt I won't adorn them further:-)


              Another project is an upcycling one. When my dear jeans I slowly kept adorning with ribbonwork got torn, I wondered what to do with them next.

And I decided to cut them and Fairy-kei them up a little...

                I like them this simple so far, but I may add some lace yet... and perhaps paint and rhinestones... ahh, alright, there is a lot of work left to do on this still:-) I will cut the embroidered part and re-use it on a new pair of jeans... but I won't probably wear them this time till they are finished. I wouldn't have a use for another pair of jean shorts:-)


                I found this wonderful tutorial by lovely Violet LeBeaux and I just had to try it out! I'm quite happy with the results:-) Thanks so much, Violet! I'll add more once the light is favourable again...

                That's all for today:-) More projects are to come soon, as well as free mini printable wallpapers!
    Love, RosaJ

Beautiful Sights: The Libochovice Castle in Early Summer II - The Secret Garden

We start our tour at a gate leading to beauties unknown and secrets untold...

Whenever I remember this garden, this song keeps popping up in my head: I know an old garden where the grass is silken, the gate locked with seven locks, and I keep dreaming of it...

I can't wait to see Libochovice in the early Spring.

    Love, RosaJ


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