Mini Tutorial: Quick, Easy and Cheap Picture Frames

by - 5:54 AM

I think this is quite a known method, but just in case it might be useful to someone...:-)

To get a nice picture frame, if no miniature shop is nearby, simply go to the nearest haberdashery shop or browse through your stash; chances are you'll find some buttons which are made of two parts like those in the picture above. Pop the middle insertion out. Usually it goes smoothly, but in case it doesn't, press it against some hard surface and it will. And voila! A space for a picture!

Make a template. I do it by pressing a piece of paper against the oval/circle and going around the edges with my fingers so it forms a relief - I guess there might be better ways of doing this, but it's just how I do it.

Use the template to trace the outline on your chosen picture and cut out a piece of plastic sheet (for example from discarded food packaging or other such), glue it together and that's it, you're done:-)

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7 komentářů

  1. Hello Rosa,
    Thank you for sharing your technique. It is so hard to find correct frames for dollhouses, and this method works very well!
    Big hug

    1. *hugs back* Thanks a lot, Giac! I hope it will come in handy some newbies like me :-)

  2. This is a really nice idea! I love the photos you've used, very beautiful portraits. :)
    This is actually funny because I meant to send you some miniature frames that I picked up from the craft shop, along with your letter and present, as part of the letter's decoration - however, I forgot and they're still lingering in my bedroom. Next time I write, I promise! They're cheap (only a pound), but quite cute, and I think you may be able to do something crafty with them. :)

    1. Aww, you are such a darling! *hugs* Seriously, you are. I keep stalking our mailbox, so curious, but nothing has come so far *shakes fist at the lazy Post Office* I'm glad you like the photos - it's Maude Fealy; and yes, wasn't she a marvelous beauty?

    2. I went to the post office on Saturday, but they said they would only start delivering it on Monday as they don't work weekends, I suspect. I think it will be there by the weekend or earlier, I hope. :)
      By the way, I'm sorry about the state of the package - I tried to recycle an old Amazon box, and it doesn't exactly fit neatly. But I tried to make the front look pretty with some Valentine's stickers and tape, haha.

      She's really beautiful!

    3. Darling Ellie!!! Oh my God, I'm speechless. Thanks so much!!!! The letter arrived - and ohmygosh, it's so lovely! You made me smile so hard:-) Thanks, thanks for the letter, thanks for the present (Wow!)... I hope you will like mine:-) It will take me few days to finish, I suspect, but... oh well, let me give you one huge virtual hug!XD Thanks so much, darling!

    4. You're so welcome! *hugs back* I'm so glad it arrived, as I was beginning to worry that it was lost in the post! It was so much fun to write and put together that I hope you don't mind me sending them every so often. :)
      I know I'll love what you send me. *hugs again*