LBC Week 6: Lolita Playlist

by - 2:57 AM

The strictly Lolita part:

    Mostly the usual suspects, I suppose - Kanon Wakeshima has long been my favourite as far as strictly Lolita music goes, but lately these Russian guys topped her. They are absolutely amazing!

The Lifestyle Lolita part:


Now I really wonder if any of the other Loli bloggers will share my taste:-D

Blogs participating:
Palace of Frills
Commercially Alternative
La Petite Princesse
Parfait Doll
Swirly Purple and Green Crayons
Sweet and Simple
Sweet Lolita Doll
Ramble Rori
Geisha Baby
Le Boudoir
Päivänvarjon alla
Stranger and Stranger
Princessly Living
Darkly Darling

Love, RosaJ

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3 komentářů

  1. I love, that you love, classical music. :3

  2. These lolita videos are amazing <3 I'd like to participate in LBC and I asked for an acceptance to a group a while ago, but they still haven't acccepted me. Do they even accept new bloggers?

  3. Love this post!
    All the musics are very nice! ^-^