Monday, February 29, 2016

Sewing Project: Bloomers Galore!

Project dump time again!:-) A collection of bloomers my sis has made - two pairs of them for sale, one pair for me.

So first is a pair of pink chiffon cuteness that's still up for adoption (here at Lacemarket, for 21 USD + shipping of some 7 USD within Europe and 8.4 USD to the US). Soft, fluffy, adorable, French-seamed throughout (that chiffon frays like nobody's business!) - I hope it gets a good home soon:-)

Next is a pair of frilly white batiste bloomers, currently on hold.

 Aaand these are mine, to match a dress she made me few years ago:-)

A little appetizer: this rose-printed cotton is going to turn into cute short bloomers for sale soon:-) In reality it's more cotton candy pink, but the poor lightning didn't allow me to catch the true colour...
And this pink dotted tulle's gonna turn into bloomers, too, this time my sister's:

Whew! Three posts in a month. I made it. *pats herself on the back* Thank God for the extra day this year:-)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mini Tutorial: Quick, Easy and Cheap Picture Frames

I think this is quite a known method, but just in case it might be useful to someone...:-)

To get a nice picture frame, if no miniature shop is nearby, simply go to the nearest haberdashery shop or browse through your stash; chances are you'll find some buttons which are made of two parts like those in the picture above. Pop the middle insertion out. Usually it goes smoothly, but in case it doesn't, press it against some hard surface and it will. And voila! A space for a picture!

Make a template. I do it by pressing a piece of paper against the oval/circle and going around the edges with my fingers so it forms a relief - I guess there might be better ways of doing this, but it's just how I do it.

Use the template to trace the outline on your chosen picture and cut out a piece of plastic sheet (for example from discarded food packaging or other such), glue it together and that's it, you're done:-)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

LBC: Your Number One Goal Item Now

This week's prompt is to write about the one Lolita item we most desire right now - and for me, it's definitely been this dress my sister has been working on - remaking a Classic Lolita skirt she made for me a while ago into a jsk. She finished it just yesterday and I adore it! It's comfy, lovely and lacy - and washable, yay! It's just perfect for a nice spring picnic, drinking tea and picking daisies and dandelions and making wreaths out of them...
Speaking of which, spring is almost here. Snowdrops, the snowflake flowers and squill flowers are everywhere - let's hope some sudden frost won't kill them.

I've got some of the lace left, so I'm kinda thinking about making a pale yellow organdy underskirt trimmed with it to peek out underneath the hemline...

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