Bloomers, Upcycling and Fluffiness

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           I got an itching in my hands to finish up a project that has been sleeping on the bottom of a wardrobe for some two years... bloomers. They were my learning piece, attempting to make our about century old Excella sewing machine and me friends, and though I love it to pieces for its age and design and fond memories of great-grandmamma, I must say with sadness this mission failed. I just don't seem to have the fine motoric skills mechanical sewing machine requires:-( So this scared me away for said two years and when I felt the itching, I jumped and finished it. Or better to say, finished the base. Being me, I doubt I won't adorn them further:-)


              Another project is an upcycling one. When my dear jeans I slowly kept adorning with ribbonwork got torn, I wondered what to do with them next.

And I decided to cut them and Fairy-kei them up a little...

                I like them this simple so far, but I may add some lace yet... and perhaps paint and rhinestones... ahh, alright, there is a lot of work left to do on this still:-) I will cut the embroidered part and re-use it on a new pair of jeans... but I won't probably wear them this time till they are finished. I wouldn't have a use for another pair of jean shorts:-)


                I found this wonderful tutorial by lovely Violet LeBeaux and I just had to try it out! I'm quite happy with the results:-) Thanks so much, Violet! I'll add more once the light is favourable again...

                That's all for today:-) More projects are to come soon, as well as free mini printable wallpapers!
    Love, RosaJ

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