Friday, March 8, 2013

Clippings from Victorian Magazines: Advice to Housekeepers

Godey's Lady's Book, August 1864

Victorian Cookery: Eggs Stewed with Cheese

        Welcome to my new Victorian Cookery series, in which I'm trying out recipes from times long gone by, found in women's magazines like Godey's Lady's Book or Victorian cookery books like Isabella Beeton's. First comes a very quick and easy recipe from an August 1864 issue of Godey's - if I understand correctly, it was meant as a little snack, but beware, this meal is very filling - I made only 2 eggs instead of 3, and despite being rather hungry could not finish it.

       And here is what it looks like prepared:

       Taste-wise, this dish is rather good, especially if you like rich foods; what do you think, was this meant for somebody who labours hard, considering how fatty it is?

Love, RosaJ

LBC Week 24: My Favourite Accessory

 This week's prompt is to write about our favourite Lolita accessory - but how would it be possible to choose just one among so much beauty? So I've compiled a small list:-)


I'm an aspiring Period Lolita, so bonnets make my heart flutter - this is the first one I ever made and hopefully is soon to be followed by another one, made of dark blue velvet. I just need to find some buckram...



Flowers and girls simply belong together the way I see it; even the dullest of outfits or hairstyles is instantly made interesting if a flower is added to the equation. Not to mention, corsages are fun and easy to make!


Parasols, in my humble opinion, add a touch of incredible elegance, romanticism and femininity to a coord - plus they are very practical, especially if your skin does not fancy Sun much and if you wish to keep it fair. Once actually parasol saved me from a potentially very nasty sunstroke, when I had to wait for a bus on a station with no roof to hide under for four hours under a mercilessly blazing Sun.

Antique Haircombs

Not strictly Lolita perhaps (yet),but in Period Lolita coords they could look so amazing! They could give them a certain air of authenticity I'd say and add interest to an otherwise dull updo.

My preshiouussss, a Chinese comb from the late 19th Century

That's all for now, have a great weekend!:-)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project Dump: An apron skirt, embroidery and a spring headdress

My sincerest apologies to Pop*Princess to whom I've promised a saree tutorial a long time ago - and long time ago I started to work on it, but since my health has deteriorated so I can't meet one vital requirement of such a pursuit - prolonged standing. So dear Pop*Princess, I'm again sorry- I promise to do it as soon as my health permits.

Also, thanks so much to all my lovely 22 followers for subscribing! Sadly my Followers gadget went AWOL and I can't seem to find a way how to repair it - so if you have recently joined, please consider leaving a comment, I'd love to know who you are:-)

First on the list of the project dump is a pink apron skirt which I had started to work on back in 2009 and forgot it nearly finished on the bottom of a drawer till some three days ago, when I stumbled upon it during searching for fabric for the embroidered pillowcase below - I showed it to my sister, she thought a short while and then took it off my hands. And here is the result - very pretty, isn't it? At last I have something to wear around the house:-)

And since she was already at it, the lovely sister that she is, she made a cushion out of the remaining fabric:

Spring is coming... you can't really smell it in the air yet here, but nature is already giving signs. For one, we've had several days of sunlight! Amazing. And so I got an itch in my hands to make something springy, and what spells out spring better than flowers?

Finally finished... a rose carpet for the nursery of the Fantasia Dollhouse, + a not-so-matching bell pull; but then, cast-off, worn-out stuff was put in nurseries commonly in Victorian period, so it's okay.

Work in Progress

The embroidered pillow I had intended to make as a present was halted by a lack of large enough embroidery frame at first; and then when Dad made it for me, lack of strength to lift it. It's pretty heavy! But I was on cloud 9 the whole day when he gave it to me. It's great to have such a skillful familyXD
Thanks to God I'm finally getting a little better and Downton Abbey is on the rerun on TV - since Downton Abbey = embroidering in my book.
Unfortunately the hoop frame I used previously has somehow stained the fabric... I hope it will wash away.

And lastly, I've started working on a Chinese carpet for a blue and white room I intend to create (did I mention I'm adding two floors + attic to the dollhouse? As soon as health lets me, that is):

Have a wonderful new week, dear friends, and may this year 2013 treat you well!

Love, RosaJ


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