Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Azure Polkadot OP

My sister made this for me originally as one of the "day dresses" or OPs to be worn at home, to work in and nevermind the dirt or the wrinkling- but ended up so cute I'm scared to use it like that, haha!:-)
It was inspired by the Arcadia Dolls' Twilight Garden series and it's incredibly comfy to wear - but I think I might need to sew an apron to wear over it like Victorian girls did so it wouldn't get injured...:-/ God, I love, love, love it to pieces!

Few pics of the sewing process:

I know, I know, I'll really try better next timeXD

What's brewing: a post about a new bonnet I'm working on (hopefully, if I figure out the base layer) and another of the 'day dresses', this time a jsk! Or more appropriately, about turning a skirt into a jsk. And maybe something about the progress on the dollhouse - so stay tuned, folks!:-)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

LBC: What Changes Will You Make To Your Lolita Wardrobe in 2016?

I think my list is going to be more of a to-sew list rather than a to-buy one:-)

First of all, I'm kind of thinking about making myself a new coat, because the BTSSB one I have just doesn't have much room to accomodate a good petticoat. I'm eyeing a sax blue wool/polyester blend, but I'm a bit torn whether I shouldn't rather try to find some wool blend in pink. The coat would be ideally something similar to this Mary Magdalene one:

 Then, getting more of what I think the Victorians would term the "day dresses" is definitely in the plans - i.e. a bit simplier OPs of easily washable cottons for daily wear around the house, to do the chores in and so on. Something in the vein of this:

Cute, practical, comfy = win!

Some simple white dress a la Picnic at the Hanging Rock would be great, too. Like this, maybe:

I'm also kind of in need of an eyelet lace-trimmed white underskirt to peek underneath my skirts... I have the lace, but the fabric, not yet.

Finally, I'll try to restore the antique parasol I've got as a present; at the moment, it is a bit rusty and stripped of all fabric and it will be a lot of work to make it pretty again - but if I find the money to buy the white silk and the lace I want to use on it, I'll try my best.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Black Velvet Bonnet Finished! And Sold.

Back in October I mentioned a black bonnet is in the plans - and here it is, finished at last:-) I'm trying to sell it actually, because I'm in need of cash *cough cough, dentist, Christmas, rainy days, cough*, but it's with a bit bleeding heart, because I've grown fond of it during the process of making it... oh well, wish me luck with the sale, I hope it will make someone happy:-) If it doesn't work out with either of the girls who've shown interest, onto the Lacemarket and Egl Comm Sales it goes. It's 16 USD + shipping, if anybody is interested.

14. 12. 2015 Edit: Sold and on its way to its new owner:-)  Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas to Finland!

No progress pics this time, but I'll work on it when I start with the next project. I have a sort of taupe/pinkish fabric that could be turned into a dress... or I could make another bonnet with the black and white striped fabric I have in my stash... or I could start with the brown and white striped Regency dress. Now there is a thought!:-) I'll see what energy allows.

It's mostly handsewn and partially lined, made of polyester velvet, decorated with a velvety rose and a bit asymmetrical leaves + with black cotton lace, with which it also ties. I'll try to take a picture of the inside and lining later *waves sleepily*
Edit: Added!


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