Tuesday, July 5, 2016

White and Cream Tulle and Rose Lolita Bonnet - WIP

Hi all:-) As I was waiting for fabric to arrive for a bonnet commission, I started randomly playing around with the prepared base, throwing this and that together - and this bonnet we're working on with mum is the result. I snapped only few progress pics because it was somehow always dark when I remembered to take them, but I hope they'll give you at least some idea of the process.
I had this design on mind actually for some time, though initially I thought it would be all about lace - but I like the emphasis on the flowers, leaves and the tulle a lot. One of these days I'll make something airy and simple where the accent is entirely on the frail tulle... but this called for a touch of opulence.
I was torn for a long time whether to keep it or sell it, to be honest, but in the end I think I'll sell it. I'm thinking I'll call it the Rose Garden Bonnet... what do you think?
My inspiration for this actually were various pictures of Victorian wedding bonnets - I kinda wonder what it would look like with a breath-light veil...oh be still my bleeding heart. Stop tempting me.


Progress pics:

I still need to sew the flowers and the leaves on, so it's still all pins, threads and needles, plus I have the commission to finish, so I don't know when I get to it. But I like it so far, how about you?

PS: Thanks for all your sweet comments on the jacket. It means so much to us! *hugs*

Friday, July 1, 2016

Victorian-inspired Lolita winter jacket: project diary part II

After all the commissions and things made for sale, darling sis felt like working on some project for us; I went through the catalogue of unfinished things in my head and when I brought her a sketch of what we might do with the winter jacket and the fabrics I've piled up for it, she got excited and set to work with zeal. It's great to have a sister who loves to spoil you rotten *grins*

We're still missing a piece of ribbon to fasten the jacket with; but it is done otherwise:-)

It even features lace inside on the lining:-)

Here it is coordinated:

Btw, the hand is healed now, except for one finger, which is kinda slow on the way to recovery, but should be fine with time, hopefully... so I hope to show you a couple of projects we're working on soon. How have you guys been? What projects are you up to? Tell me in the comments:-)


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