Friday, June 15, 2012

Coordination Practice: Sweet Lolita

Princessy Jsk

            Jsk: Bodyline
            Blouse: AP
            Parasol: Baby
            Bag: AP
            Peeking-out bloomers: handmade by me

Sweets Parlour Replica

                                   Skirt: Fruits Parlour Bodyline Replica
                                   Blouse: AP
                                   Cardi: AP
                                   Bag: Bodyline
                                   Shoes: Bodyline

Pony in Sweet Dreams: a full Loli coord

                                  Skirt: Pony in Sweet Dreams by Baby
                                  Blouse: AP
                                  Cardi: AP
                                  Bag: Bodyline
                                  Shoes: Bodyline
A lazy day... 

                                T-shirt: Btssb
                                Bag: AP
A hot day...

                             Top: Sanrio/George

A not-so-hot day...

                                  Jacket:  offbrand, decoed by me 

Fairy-kei Sweet  
To be honest, I've got a great difficulty coordinating this skirt with anything 'toned down' - perhaps because this is the relatively craziest piece in my wardrobe, 'toned down' just doesn't work for it. So I decided to fairy-kei it up a bit...and I can't wait to wear it to school:-) The expressions on the faces of my schoolmates are going to be priceless.
                          Skirt and headbow: Milky Planet Replica by Oo Jia
                          T-shirt: plain white tee with ironed-on Care Bear:-)
                          Cardi: offbrand
                          Scarf: Claire's
                          Shoes: George

That's all for now!:-) Next is gonna come a sewing project, a doll museum visit photos, my bjd and so much more!

    Love, RosaJ


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