Black Velvet Bonnet Finished! And Sold.

by - 7:22 AM

Back in October I mentioned a black bonnet is in the plans - and here it is, finished at last:-) I'm trying to sell it actually, because I'm in need of cash *cough cough, dentist, Christmas, rainy days, cough*, but it's with a bit bleeding heart, because I've grown fond of it during the process of making it... oh well, wish me luck with the sale, I hope it will make someone happy:-) If it doesn't work out with either of the girls who've shown interest, onto the Lacemarket and Egl Comm Sales it goes. It's 16 USD + shipping, if anybody is interested.

14. 12. 2015 Edit: Sold and on its way to its new owner:-)  Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas to Finland!

No progress pics this time, but I'll work on it when I start with the next project. I have a sort of taupe/pinkish fabric that could be turned into a dress... or I could make another bonnet with the black and white striped fabric I have in my stash... or I could start with the brown and white striped Regency dress. Now there is a thought!:-) I'll see what energy allows.

It's mostly handsewn and partially lined, made of polyester velvet, decorated with a velvety rose and a bit asymmetrical leaves + with black cotton lace, with which it also ties. I'll try to take a picture of the inside and lining later *waves sleepily*
Edit: Added!

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  1. It's turned out gorgeous! I love all-black bonnets and this one is perfect. I'm also looking forward to seeing your future projects. :)

    1. Aww, thanks so much, you've made me so happy that you like it! *hugs* As I am looking forward to yours! How is your costume going, btw? I think you already have all the underpinnings, right?
      Btw, thanks a lot for your sweet message! I'm working on a reply.

    2. You're welcome! I hope it gets a happy owner soon!

      My costume progress is really slow at the moment, though I just need to hem my petticoat and make the trimmings for it; the really long hem is very off-putting though, as I hate doing the hems, haha. I'm still trying to find time to do it.
      As for the underpinnings, I've got a fichu, a rather ugly but usable set of stays and a bumroll, so all I need now is a chemise. :) I may take a break from the Georgian period and have a go at an Edwardian pattern though, as that's what I'm getting for Christmas.

    3. I do hope so, it would be very sad if no one loved it:-/ I'm thinking of making a new one, of white chiffon adorned with white marguerites, but would prefer this one was sold before I start a new one...
      Hahaha, hemming! So not exciting, right? Are you gonna do it by hand or by machine?
      Edwardian - awesome! What fabric do you think you'll use, what colour scheme, trims? Any kind of hat to go with it?

    4. If no one has any intention to buy it, I think that after Christmas I may have some money to splurge on it! After all, I'm thinking of making some all-black Gothic Lolita dresses in the future, so a bonnet would be a nice addition.

      I'm going to do the hemming by machine, as that's the fastest and probably easiest way for me.
      For the Edwardian dress, I'm thinking of a blue and white walking dress, and maybe an entirely white cotton one, depending on how I feel when I get the pattern. It's this one by Laughing Moon that I found,
      A hat would be really nice to go with it, I just don't think I have the skills for that yet! But you never know, as I do have a massive plain straw hat left over from bonnet making. :)

      Are you still making your period Lolita dress (I think it was mentioned on your blog somewhere)?

    5. Aww, are you - gonna make those Gothic Lolita dresses? Oh my, that sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see them - have you got any fabrics ready in your stash for that yet, or it's all in the planning stage?
      And aww again, thanks for liking the bonnet - the sale is pending at the moment, fingers crossed, but if you ever feel like you need an all black bonnet (or any other colour), give me a shout:-) I'd try to make something extra nice for you:-)

      I looked at that Edwardian pattern and I can imagine whatever colour you choose, it will be smashing - so many possibilities, so many outfits could be done from it! Being me, I immediatelly saw eyelet lace and loads of lace insertions when you mentioned an entirely white dress, go figure *shakes her head at herself and grins* Are you going to wear it to some historical event?

      I don't know if you've heard of the Beauty from Ashes blog by Gina, but she's got some nice tutorials/walkthrough about hatmaking I think - perhaps it could serve as a source of inspiration? Here is the link:

      Large straw hat left over from bonnet-making? Cool, have you got any photos of your bonnet anywhere, please?

      Hmm, I think you mean the Edwardian/Picnic at Hanging Rock inspired one; initially, the batiste blouse with the lace insertion was meant to be a bodice of the dress, but I ran out of fabric, so I decided to make this one a blouse and try better next time... though I'm not entirely sure yet if I won't just buy more fabric when I have the money and sew on the skirt part. I just don't know.

  2. For the Gothic Lolita dresses I'm still in the planning stages, though I do have a pattern that I'm thinking of using; it's a costume of Alice in Wonderland, but I thought if I keep it simple and just use black cotton and lace, and maybe change the sleeves, it won't look so costumey.

    I'd love to have something made by you at some point, especially a black or white bonnet - perhaps after Christmas, as I'm broke at the moment (I accidentally on purpose ordered from the Innocent World and Closet Child websites... It was so tempting, haha). For now, I hope the person pending goes through with the offer - your bonnet is too gorgeous not to be loved. :)

    I love the idea of insertion lace on a white Edwardian dress, I may just do that! I've also thought of black velvet with a gold military trim, though maybe with another pattern when I have money. For this pattern, I'm thinking of borrowing your idea with insertion lace, and perhaps another dress with blue on it. I'm addicted to blue in period fashions, even though it's not my favourite colour!
    I don't have any historical events near where I live, as far as I know, so for now I'll just have to wear it around the house like a rather eccentric, Edwardian version of Miss Havisham. Have you been to any historical events before?

    I hadn't heard of this blog before, so thanks for the link!

    Here's the bonnet I made. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any good photos of it, but it is dove grey and white with a net curtain inside, haha.

    Well, either way it is going to look fantastic! I rather like it as a blouse, as then you could pair it with different skirts for different looks, like a Classic Lolita skirt or a long Edwardian or late Victorian skirt. Hopefully it's going well. Are you nearly done with it?

    I've still got a lot of things to do on my Georgian skirt, especially the trimmings - I'm just trying to find the energy to do it!

  3. Hmm, I can see how it could work for the Gothic Lolita dress - somehow the sleeves remind me of a 1961 French version of Three Musketeers with Gérard Barray (my favourite versionXD), the wonderful dresses the Milady, Constance and the Queen were wearing. Will it be an OP, or a JSK?

    Hahaha, Edwardian Miss Havisham!!! I adore it, girl. Great, at least at home one can be stylish to her heart's content - I hope to join you in that shortly once my Regency day dress is done:-) I think that lace insertion would suit you very well, considering (judging by the photos) there is an aura of sweetness about you and considering the colour of your hair - and I imagine blue is your colour, too, even if it's not your favourite? Are you tempted to ever go, say, to Bath for the Jane Austen ball I believe is there? I've been to some medieval events, yes, but sadly not in costume yet (though my sis did wear one and looked like a Princess) - I'm thinking about making myself some either Regency or Victorian dress one day and going to a historical ball that's once a year in Prague.

    Oh, teh bonnet! Yummy. Must have been a lot of hard work to put it together - how long did it take? It's absolutely drool-worthy, looks so very angelic to me, so noble.

    Hmm, accidentally on purpose, I like that:-) You cracked me up! Thanks, the girl has paid today and I'm about to ship it out, so this one is gone, but more are to come, so if you ever like one, you'll get a special friends' discount:-) But what have you ordered from IW and Closet Child? New dresses, skirts? Will you make a haul post on your blog?

    Thanks for your advice about the blouse, yes, you're right, it's more versatile this way. At the moment, I'm sort of undecided what to do with it, whether I should redo the sleeves or not, because they feel too tight at the armscyes and it's difficult to move in them (I really need to adjust the pattern for the future) - and I wonder if I should maybe add a bit more lace insertions to the front, add a sort of V collar of fine lace frills because it seems to me a bit too plain at this stage. Like it's missing something and I don't yet really know what. And I'm thinking about remaking the placket, because the buttonholes could be prettier. Oh well.

    Energy - yeah, I feel with you! Is it going to be very elaborate?

    1. I'm not too sure about the sleeves, if they'd look nice or not; on one hand they look like they could be quite period Lolita styled, but on the other it may just turn out a bit tacky. I see what you mean about Milady though! I'm thinking of an OP because I can't get enough of OPs at the moment!

      Aww, thank you! I'm happy you think that there is an aura of sweetness about me - that's a really nice thing, as I always think I look gross and not cute enough on my photos (but I upload them anyway to give a 'face' to my blog)! *blushes* Are you going to put any photos of you on your blog, perhaps with the next outfit you make? I'm always intrigued as to what people look like, and for some reason I picture you as the little girl on your blog background when I'm talking to you, haha. She's really cute.
      I suppose blue does suit me as my eyes are blue-ish grey, though I do love pink a whole lot more than blue (at the moment however, I'm a bit tired of pink in my wardrobe and need to expand to new colours, which is why I'm getting some navy into my Lolita wardrobe :)) What colours do you like?

      Medieval events sound absolutely amazing! I used to study the medieval period in high school and I loved it. The ball in Prague sounds brilliant too - I wish I could go too!
      I've never really thought about going to a ball because I'd have nobody to dance with, haha (I'm also super bad at dancing, though the only dances I've been to are discos at weddings). Maybe my Dad would dance with me, but I don't think he'd enjoy it, and there's no way I'd dance with somebody I don't know. *cringes* I like the idea of going to a ball though, even just to see the dresses that people are wearing and take photographs, and I've always wanted to go to Bath to see the museums. So yeah, I'd like to go. :D Maybe next year.

      Thanks again! It was quite hard, though I really enjoyed it as I could watch my favourite program whilst hand-stitching it (Jeeves and Wooster, if you've ever seen it - I really recomend it as it's set in the late 20s-early 30s and is really funny and cute, plus, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie!). I think it took about two-three weeks on and off, though with a lot of fiddling.
      How long do your bonnets take? They always look so professional!

      Aw, thanks for the special friends' discount. I think I'll definitely take that offer up after Christmas, when I have some money. Maybe in navy, to match my new clothes?
      I've bought myself a JSK from Innocent World (the bow version from the Cherub Angel Candlestick range), and from Closet Child it is a Star Chiffon skirt from Alice and the Pirates, also in navy blue. You can see them here on EGL I'm really looking forward to getting them in the mail; hopefully they'll arrive in time for my next meetup! I'll certainly do a haul post on my blog, as I can't resist, haha.
      What's your favourite Lolita brand, by the way?

      Sounds like you've got a lot to do! I think it looks pretty already, but I suppose the armscyes really need to be sorted to be comfortable. Fine lace frills sound really nice!

      I've done some of my skirt today, and hemmed it (finally, after two weeks!). As it's a petticoat I'm not going to make it too elaborate, as it's going to be worn half-hidden by a dress. It is going to have quite a few ruffles though!