Lolita Blog Carnival - Week 2: 3 Trends You Could Never Get Into

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  1. The classical large rectangular headdress. This point is perhaps not that surprising, since they have gone out of fashion quite a while ago - but as I started out in 2008, I still remember them being quite the rage, and as a matter of fact, if they suited me, I would care but little if they are in vogue or not. Back in 2008 I actually owned one - pink, lacy, AP-styled, very pretty. I was very sad when I realized how little it flattered me.


  2. The rocking horse shoes. While I'm unsure about their popularity in the international community, they seem to be trendy still in my country - I do not dislike them, in fact I consider some of the designs rather cute, yet I have never yearned to own a pair, or even try them out. For gazing at, there are surely many which are very nice - but worn, I find them a little clumsy and a bit too big to look good.

  3. Trash Lolita. This is not a clothing trend actually, but rather a tendency which was a great craze in my community a couple of years ago: to take photos in Lolita while standing next to a trash bin, holding a toilette paper, going through garbage or drinking and smoking in a pub. I have never understood the appeal. 
              That is all for this week's challenge - I'm curious to see what others have come up with:-)

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5 komentářů

  1. I am yet to try the rectangular headdress but I hope it suits me because I think they're pretty awesome xD RHS never appealed to me either not to mention that I'm terrible in high heels :P I've never heard of trash lolita though - very interesting >_>

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment:-)
    As for trash Lolita, I wish I could post photos so that people would see what exactly it looked like; however, I doubt girls from my community would allow me to use their photos:-)
    High heels are indeed a painful thing to wear!

  3. Sorry for the late backlink! Anyway... I'm happy that our community hasn't yet discovered that "Trash Lolita" trend... I think it's simply gross ~o~ '
    Headdresses - I actually love them but since the whole "sanitary pad" discussion I got shy about wearing them, specially since my first was a pure white one. Now I've gotten some elegant brown ones from IW and I simply love them! Maybe you just have to find the right design for you - and then wear it with pride =D

  4. I'm actually a pretty big fan of the headdresses and rocking horse shoes (haha I think it's my love of old school!) but the trash thing just sounds... weird!

  5. I agree with all your "trends"! Although I have some photos drinking beer in lolita, but... it was just because I was actually drinking in lolita and someone took a photo xD But I wouldn't really consider it trashy, it wasn't anything like party hard laying on the floor unconcious ;P
    And rocking shoes, I think they might look good, but... not really with lolita.

    Thank you for your fortifying words! I know I shouldn't care about such things the more that my boyfriend loves me the way I am and I don't need anyone else attraction.

    As for the book... What I find "gross" is the man's excuses and also the thing that adult women disgust him. And even though a 12 years old child might seem to want it, he still hurts her in a very deep way.

    I'm very happy that you are back, I missed our little conversations in comments!