LBC: Your Number One Goal Item Now

by - 11:32 AM

This week's prompt is to write about the one Lolita item we most desire right now - and for me, it's definitely been this dress my sister has been working on - remaking a Classic Lolita skirt she made for me a while ago into a jsk. She finished it just yesterday and I adore it! It's comfy, lovely and lacy - and washable, yay! It's just perfect for a nice spring picnic, drinking tea and picking daisies and dandelions and making wreaths out of them...
Speaking of which, spring is almost here. Snowdrops, the snowflake flowers and squill flowers are everywhere - let's hope some sudden frost won't kill them.

I've got some of the lace left, so I'm kinda thinking about making a pale yellow organdy underskirt trimmed with it to peek out underneath the hemline...

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11 komentářů

  1. Hello Rosa,

    It is a beautiful dress. Yes, I can see it at a summer tea party.
    Big hug

    1. *hugs back* Sono molto felice che ti piace il mio vestito:-) Baccio, Rosa
      (I hope it's correct - I'm trying to learn Italian and have few opportunities to practice)

  2. It's a gorgeous dress, Rosa! Your sister is very talented at dress-making. I adore the cream lace and how it is positioned on the bodice - very romantic and classy! I can just imagine you sitting outside in the spring sunshine with a good book, tea and some embroidery, amongst the flowers; let's hope that spring will come early this year!

  3. You are the sweetest, darling Ellie, you've brightened up my day and my sis' as well! *hugs* I think it would be actually very lovely if we could maybe go on such a picnic together one day, you, me and sis, all embroidering something maybe and enjoying our tea and cakes and flowers... this would definitely be the dress to wearXD
    I'm working on the reply to your message, as always it will probably take me long, sorry - there's a lot to think about in your letter and as always, I'm sick. But I'm kinda thinking, off topic, if you like physical Valentine/Birthday/Christmas etc. cards?

    1. Aww, I'm so glad! *hugs* That would be a dream come true, to hang out with you and your sis - it needs to happen some day! :D
      You don't have to respond to everything, don't worry, as I have written a LOT. When I finished writing it I was like "oh dear, I've written a novel for her to read, all about my problems!" It isn't really cheerful reading and I wouldn't want to make you sad on my behalf, so there's no pressure for anything. It's nice to let off steam and tell somebody about what's going on, but at the same time, I really hope I haven't burdened you with it all!
      And yes, I do like physical cards. :) I keep all my Birthday cards and special Christmas cards, and I've never had a Valentine's day card before! Why, are you thinking of sending me something? :)

    2. You bet:-) I'd love to, if you want:-) It's... well, it would feel so nice and nostalgic - and more real than e-cards. I was thinking about sending you one, but it felt a bit impersonal...
      And yeah, it definitely needs to happen one day!XD I'm sure you know some lovely places in your area, or if you came here, I know one that would be just perfect for that:-)
      No, you're not burdening me at all. I'm glad you tell me and I'm glad that you can, as you said, let off some steam this way. It does sadden me a bit, because I don't like it that you have to go through that, but all the same, I'm happy that you tell me. It's just a complex topic and I got to think about it a bit (and it's an interesting coincidence, because I've actually been researching the topic heavily these last few days before you wrote me about it for one of my stories). Well, of course you've written a novel, dearest Ellie. That's what writers do;-) (Guilty. 15 pages no problem when I'm well.)

    3. I'd love to receive a card from you - that's so very sweet of you, Rosa! An e-card would also be very nice either way, so whatever you feel comfortable with. I was actually drawing you a picture not long ago (not done yet as I was busy) for Christmas, but I ended up missing Christmas and your birthday, so when I finish it I may just send it anyway. :) We can exchange addresses if you want, in a PM.

      I'd love for you to visit where I live, as I've got tons of places that I think you'd like, but at the same time I'd really like to visit you! My Dad says that when I turn 18 I can go travelling on my own, so it would be great to see some places in the Czech Republic!

      I'm so glad it's not burdening you, dear Rosa! I'd be interested to hear about what you've been researching. :)

    4. XD Dearest, if you ever do travel to Czech Republic, I hope you'll consider an invitation to stay at our house - it isn't very comfortable, but at least you wouldn't have to pay for accommodation + we could drive you around:-) And my country is like one big fairytale - beautiful castles and palaces everywhere, plus Prague is a total Wonderland. I think you might enjoy it a lot:-)
      I'm working on the card now, I hope you'll like it when you get it:-) (Soo excited!)

    5. Thank you, that's a very sweet invitation! Would your family mind? The same goes for you, though we'd have to do some planning to sort it out. :) Your country sounds fantastic, so beautiful!
      I can't wait to see your card! I've sent my letter to you on Saturday and it should be in the process of being delivered today.

  4. Such a gorgeous dress, and you can tell that your sister poured a lot of love into it. It'd look dead classy with an underskirt too! :D

    1. Awww, thank you so much, darling! *hugs* Yes, she definitely did - and your compliment made her very happy. And thanks a lot for your input, too, I think I'll try my hand at that underskirt after all:-)