Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink Meringue JSK Project- Loads of Fluffy Tulle Ahead!:-)

My lovely sister just finished one part of the beading lace for the bodice. There were meant to be silk ribbon embroidered roses + probably butterflies, either of needle lace, beading, silk embroidery, or all of these - we'll see what we add and what we don't.
The skirt part, methinks, needs more layers of frills... it's a bit bare as it is. We have them prepared, but we aren't sure yet. What do you think, ladies and gentleman?

XOXO, have lovely remaining days of summer! (That said, where did it go? Anybody else has the feeling this year's summer is kinda short?)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sweet Doll Skirt, Top and Bloomers - for sale right now:-)))

Yay, new project finished!!! Sis and mum were hard at work and look at what they've made - so cute! I hope it will make some girl happy and she'll love wearing these a lot...
It's for sale here over at Lacemarket: 

So, how do you like it?:-) We nearly squealed with excitement when we saw the fabric - and the cute fabric shop we ran into by a total chanceXD

I've got a bonnet commission finished, so I expect to post pictures here soon... see you, dear souls! 


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