LBC Week 10: DIY Gift Ideas

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As my illness is finally crawling closer to an end, I'm tentatively returning to my online life - and as I write this little article on DIY gift tips,  I sincerely hope the upcoming Christmas will be a wonderful, immensely happy time for everyone<3
Without further ado, here are my humble tips for presents.

1. For a friend/relative who likes to sew or embroider:

A simple, yet cute needle case - it is rather quick to make and incredibly easy! Even absolute beginners at ribbonwork can do it - should you wish to give it a try, Carol Daisy has got a bunch of lovely ribbonwork tutorials here.

2. For somebody, who likes to keep their home pretty and cosy...

... consider embellishing some household item (tablecloth, pillowcase) with your friend's/relative's initials! These lovely designs by Di van Niekerk are a bit time consuming, but they are sure to bring smiles on the recipient's face. Here is what the frilly pillowcase I'm working on looks like after one evening:
Yes, I'm making it from scratch - even the pillow.
The state after three evenings:

3. For a Classic Lolita

 A rose corsage is a fun, quick and easy project truly anybody can make - and on a budget, too! A nice tutorial can be found here.

4. For a Sweet Lolita

Both bows, pearl brooches and fuzzy clips are extremely easy to make and present immensely heart-warming gifts; I know my heart flutters and my lips spring to a beaming smile whenever my sister makes me a new set of accessories like these:-) Violet of Tales of an Ingénue has got a great tutorial how to make the fuzzy clips here.

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Lots of love, happiness, health and wealth wishes


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous stitch work! Your embroidery skills are impeccable!!

  2. *blush* Thank you, dear, you are way too kind! Though should you mean the two images of the finished initials, they are by Di van Niekerk I'm afraid:-)