Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LBC: 3 secrets for someone just getting into Lolita fashion

1. Don't be afraid of thrift stores and offbrand.
      I've had good luck in Primark and Orsay more than once and I've got a thrifted skirt from Zara which I absolutely adore - and which, btw, with all its perfect ruffles and petticoat-friendliness cost me but 1 USD.

      There is another reason why I'd advise newbies to try thrifting and offbrand first other than simple frugality - and that is, it might be wise to try to get used to the silhouette first, before you seriously take the plunge and decide it is the thing for you.
      Depending on how big your petticoats will be, it is likely you might topple things over. Sitting might prove a challenge. Walking up and down the stairs, since the skirts might obscure your view, might prove difficult to the point of being dangerous. Also, Lolita clothing with all its layers can get heavy. I sadly haven't got the equipment to weigh a whole ensemble, but let me tell you, if your health is in less than pristine shape, wearing Lolita for a full day can tire you out quite badly. Wigs can make your head hurt. Too tight a jsk might obstruct your breathing. All this combined, the weight, the wig, the problematic breathing thanks to a tight bodice, can result in you passing out.
   In short, be careful please - and enjoy yourself experimenting! Sometimes those thrifted pieces can grow dearer to your heart than something you bought for 400 USD.

2. Learn to sew.
      One of the common assumptions, I've noticed, in the Loli community is that clothes you make yourself are by default cheaper. The truth however is: it depends. They can be and they don't have to be. It depends on the fabrics and trimming you wish to use and how elaborate you imagine your dress to be.
Sometimes you can find a pretty fabric at a thrift store for next to nothing, sometimes you can get it from relatives or friends who sew for free, in the UK there are Indian fabric shops which often put perfectly useable scrap fabric on sale for a fraction of the price, or in my country there are shops which specialise in fabrics with slight imperfections and sell them for relatively cheap. It is possible to find pretty loliable stuff in them time to time, and a basic, nice Classic skirt like this, sans lining or lace, would cost you about 8 USD:

      However, with elaborateness the cost goes higher. My projected batiste dress is so far about to cost me  some 95-100 USD, of which 64 are for lace to be used on the skirt. I have not yet added the cost of lining, boning and the lace for the bodice, for I have to find that out yet. So let's say I land at 150-200 in the end. Still better than, say, new AP or IW dress, right? But not totally cheap either. Nevertheless the advantage is that the dress you make yourself will fit. It might turn out to be unique. It will certainly fill you with pride. And the skills you acquire along the way might enable you to make something truly show-stopping. Check out Lizchen-R's Deviantart and you'll see what I'm talking about.

3. Bodyline is a good starting point... if you are careful what you buy.
      Look closely at the lace and read the descriptions. Read reviews at bodyline_love.
      Personally, I own two skirts, a jsk, a bag and three pairs of shoes by Bodyline... and I adore them. Both my skirts and the jsk have got lined waist-ties, are rather smooth to the touch and are pleasant to wear, and the shoes and the bag are a delight. I also owned a blouse, which I wasn't that happy about, for it was rather stiff - but otherwise there was nothing wrong with it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

LBC: One more time, 3 trends you could never get into

   ... or in my case, rather just one; I have not been watching the community properly lately it seems, since I cannot recall any interesting new trend appearing - or at least nothing that would immediatelly catch my eye the way the following one did.

   Deer antlers in Lolita
Image courtesy of etsy
   Very well, I admit, this picture may be a little exaggerated:-) Nevertheless, bearing figurative deer antlers on your head when you are human has got a rather funny connotation in my country - that is, it means you have been cuckolded - so, as a Czech born and bred, it is always a little difficult for me at first to understand why would anybody wish to flaunt their misfortune to the world before I realize that Lolitas abroad probably have got no such a connotation:-)

   Is there any trend, Lolitas of the world, that makes you torn whether to jump on the bandwagon or not, since in the local area it might have connotations you'd much rather avoid? Tell me in the comments please, I'm rather curious about that.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

LBC 1 Year Anniversary Post: Design a Coordinate for Only $100

   It's incredible, it has been a year already since the Lolita Blog Carneval project started! And what a lovely year of sweet, fun and interesting posts it has been. I've learnt a thing or two of the fashion and our creative, beauty-loving sisterhood, as well as met some sweet fellow Lolita bloggers of whose existence, not very active in the community as I am, I was previously unaware of. Thanks very much for that, LBC :-)
   This week's challenge is to design a complete coordinate for $100; actually a topic with which the LBC started, and a prompt I very much regretted missing, since Lolita, as we all know, tends to be a costly hobby - therefore a challenge like this is great to remind ourselves a bit of creativity and thrifting can go a long way. 

Green Velvet

Overdress and headdress: $34, handmade by Serenaxyiade
$5, offbrand
$1, Zara (thrifted)
Teaparties (not shown):
$40, Bodyline
Petticoat: (not shown):

Simple Gothic - Great for School or Office:-) 

Jsk: $19, Primark
$12, Primark
Corsage Headband:
$2, handmade by me
Teaparties (not shown):
$40, Bodyline
Petticoat (not shown):
$15, Proxima Centauri

White, Blue and Pink

Jsk: $10, Orsay
$6, Orsay
Lace collar:
$5, handmade by me
Silk sash:
$10, handmade by my sister
$11, handmade by me
$0, it was a gift
Petticoat (not shown):
$15, Proxima Centauri
Ballet flats (not shown):
$15, offbrand

Shiro Coordinate 

Blouse: $6, Orsay
$10, Orsay
$5, offbrand
Bonnet: cca
$40, handmade by me
Ballet flats (not shown):
$15, offbrand
Petticoat (not shown):
$15, Proxima Centauri

Flowery Classic

Blouse: $40, Angelic Pretty
$12, handmade by my sister
$5, handmade by me
Petticoat (not shown):
$15, Proxima Centauri
Ballet flats: (not shown):
$15, offbrand


Jsk: $40, Bodyline
$6, Orsay
$20, some brand whose name I forgot
Bear brooch:
$2, handmade by me
Petticoat (not shown):
$15, Proxima Centauri
Ballet flats (not shown):
$15, offbrand

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beautiful Sights: Libochovice yet again

   After so many photos of this beautiful castle, I think it would be good to introduce it briefly to my non-Czech readers as the official website, it seems, lacks an English version. The castle of Libochovice is a Baroque building situated some 66 km away from Prague. Its current version by an Italian architect Antonio della Porta comes from the end of the 17th Century, neither the original Gothic fortress nor the Renaissance castle having survived the devastating fires they had suffered - in the first instance, thanks to the Hussites, who had a feud with the then owners of the estate, the Zajíc family, who were confirmed Catholics.
   It is a very romantic place, with the park running alongside the river Ohře opened to the general public free of charge daily from 8 am till 18 pm (19 during summer). The castle itself can be visited from April till October, and is full of nostalgic charms; amongst them a carpet which was weaved with one intentional imperfection in the pattern, as the only perfection in the world is Allah.
   (Information courtesy of http://www.libochovice.info/ and, as always in this section of my blog, photos are by my sister.)

One of the chief attractions - but careful; they are very shy.


   Plus a small piece of a tip and a bit of a reflection:
    If you ever plan to visit this castle,there is a funfair plus an exhibition of exotic birds annualy around this time of a year. I bought a pretty picture there, coming packaged with a bit of a story which struck me as rather sad: the lady who painted it is a former teacher of drawing and she paints pictures for sale now to supplement her pension. There seemed to be hardly any pleasure in her upon receiving compliments about her work - perhaps it was shyness, perhaps she thought the ability of the onlookers to evaluate her pictures dubious. Who shall ever know. Still, fragile and ladylike as she seemed there in the mercilessly blazing Sun, there was indeed something sad about her - as if she was truly doing it only for money. Once again, who shall ever know. Perhaps I'll ask her next year?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google Reader is gone, moving to Bloglovin

Have you imported all the blogs you are following yet to a different reader in time, or are you doing it at the last minute like me?
Well, if you'd still like to follow my blog, here is a button to follow it on Bloglovin:

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On another note, sorry for the long silence. I'm still rather ill and too tired for blogging. For now, I wish you all a wonderful time and hope to post something more substantial soon.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

LBC: Top 3 Wishlist Items

   This week's challenge is Top 3 Wishlist Items, which I imagine was a really tough thing to decide for all the participants!:-)
   Nevertheless, here are mine and I hope you will like them as much as I liked the items on the other bloggers' lists.

1. First comes the white batiste and lace dress that has been for so long on my To-Sew List, inspired by this beautiful Edwardian doll dress by Cynthia Howe:

Plus the Juliette et Justine skirt:

 And a doll dress by Molendrix:

2. A new white parasol, which I'll most likely try to make by myself. Finding a suitable frame with a nice handle on a budget is proving quite challenging though - not to speak I can't decide whether to use silk or not.
Victorian Maiden
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1880-90
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1850-60
3. Tavistock Victorian Boots- boots like these have been on my Wishlist for a long time, and my heart made a small sommersault when I saw them on the American Duchess's blog... she's got them in white right now as well, so cute!
American Duchess
   Have a lovely new week everyone and stay tuned for a fresh addition to the Beautiful Sights section:-) (Plus the violet oil recipes are coming soon too... with a disaster story)

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Clippings from Victorian Magazines: Advice to Housekeepers

Godey's Lady's Book, August 1864

Victorian Cookery: Eggs Stewed with Cheese

        Welcome to my new Victorian Cookery series, in which I'm trying out recipes from times long gone by, found in women's magazines like Godey's Lady's Book or Victorian cookery books like Isabella Beeton's. First comes a very quick and easy recipe from an August 1864 issue of Godey's - if I understand correctly, it was meant as a little snack, but beware, this meal is very filling - I made only 2 eggs instead of 3, and despite being rather hungry could not finish it.

       And here is what it looks like prepared:

       Taste-wise, this dish is rather good, especially if you like rich foods; what do you think, was this meant for somebody who labours hard, considering how fatty it is?

Love, RosaJ

LBC Week 24: My Favourite Accessory

 This week's prompt is to write about our favourite Lolita accessory - but how would it be possible to choose just one among so much beauty? So I've compiled a small list:-)


I'm an aspiring Period Lolita, so bonnets make my heart flutter - this is the first one I ever made and hopefully is soon to be followed by another one, made of dark blue velvet. I just need to find some buckram...



Flowers and girls simply belong together the way I see it; even the dullest of outfits or hairstyles is instantly made interesting if a flower is added to the equation. Not to mention, corsages are fun and easy to make!


Parasols, in my humble opinion, add a touch of incredible elegance, romanticism and femininity to a coord - plus they are very practical, especially if your skin does not fancy Sun much and if you wish to keep it fair. Once actually parasol saved me from a potentially very nasty sunstroke, when I had to wait for a bus on a station with no roof to hide under for four hours under a mercilessly blazing Sun.

Antique Haircombs

Not strictly Lolita perhaps (yet),but in Period Lolita coords they could look so amazing! They could give them a certain air of authenticity I'd say and add interest to an otherwise dull updo.

My preshiouussss, a Chinese comb from the late 19th Century

That's all for now, have a great weekend!:-)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project Dump: An apron skirt, embroidery and a spring headdress

My sincerest apologies to Pop*Princess to whom I've promised a saree tutorial a long time ago - and long time ago I started to work on it, but since my health has deteriorated so I can't meet one vital requirement of such a pursuit - prolonged standing. So dear Pop*Princess, I'm again sorry- I promise to do it as soon as my health permits.

Also, thanks so much to all my lovely 22 followers for subscribing! Sadly my Followers gadget went AWOL and I can't seem to find a way how to repair it - so if you have recently joined, please consider leaving a comment, I'd love to know who you are:-)

First on the list of the project dump is a pink apron skirt which I had started to work on back in 2009 and forgot it nearly finished on the bottom of a drawer till some three days ago, when I stumbled upon it during searching for fabric for the embroidered pillowcase below - I showed it to my sister, she thought a short while and then took it off my hands. And here is the result - very pretty, isn't it? At last I have something to wear around the house:-)

And since she was already at it, the lovely sister that she is, she made a cushion out of the remaining fabric:

Spring is coming... you can't really smell it in the air yet here, but nature is already giving signs. For one, we've had several days of sunlight! Amazing. And so I got an itch in my hands to make something springy, and what spells out spring better than flowers?

Finally finished... a rose carpet for the nursery of the Fantasia Dollhouse, + a not-so-matching bell pull; but then, cast-off, worn-out stuff was put in nurseries commonly in Victorian period, so it's okay.

Work in Progress

The embroidered pillow I had intended to make as a present was halted by a lack of large enough embroidery frame at first; and then when Dad made it for me, lack of strength to lift it. It's pretty heavy! But I was on cloud 9 the whole day when he gave it to me. It's great to have such a skillful familyXD
Thanks to God I'm finally getting a little better and Downton Abbey is on the rerun on TV - since Downton Abbey = embroidering in my book.
Unfortunately the hoop frame I used previously has somehow stained the fabric... I hope it will wash away.

And lastly, I've started working on a Chinese carpet for a blue and white room I intend to create (did I mention I'm adding two floors + attic to the dollhouse? As soon as health lets me, that is):

Have a wonderful new week, dear friends, and may this year 2013 treat you well!

Love, RosaJ


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