Beautiful Sights: A Visit to a Toy Museum at the Prague Castle

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      My country is magical. In the good and bad sense, almost everything is possible here. And part of the magic of Prague, our capital, is the fact that at the very heart of our ancient and beautiful Prague Castle, stands a tremendously beautiful Cathedral, from what I have read and seen so far, quite a rarity in Europe. It is this Cathedral of Saint Vitus which gives Prague its characteristic panorama, like the Eiffel Tower gives it to Paris; it is in this Cathedral the Crown jewels are kept, among which, the jewel most mystic and most valuable, is the Crown of the Saint Wenceslav, Crown which is said to kill in a year anybody who illegitimately puts it on his head. (By the way, Reinhard Heydrich put it on the head of his son Klaus - and Klaus indeed died within a year in an accident.)
And it is nearby this majestic Cathedral that the Toy Museum is located. It is rather small and if you do not know about its existence, it is possible to pass it without notice - which, considering the beauty it hides within, low entry charges and possibility to make photos of everything within, would be quite a shame.

 The two identical dolls have got heads made of stone; they are one of the eldest dolls in the collection.

Besides porcelain dolls, there is also a whole floor devoted to Barbies, very pretty antique dollhouses, kitchens, shops, teddy bears, trains and other, rather unique toys - but about them, perhaps next time.


                                                         Love, RosaJ

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