Monday, October 30, 2017

HSM Challenge: Out of your comfort zone, or 1830s sleeve supports

So, I made it. Thanks to power outage that made most other amusements unavailable:-) Throughout yesterday, a windstorm has been raging all through the Czech Republic and it seems we've been lucky so far to have only the electricity hit...

The Challenge: Out of your comfort zone
... and well, it is. This is my first attempt at anything from 1830s - and it was fun!

Material: Cotton scraps from my grandma's destash, cotton batiste scraps, voile scraps for the stuffing

Pattern: drafted by my sister based on this tutorial:
Year: 1830s

How historically accurate is it? Not sure about the filling and perhaps I've stuffed the narrower part too much, but the cotton is accurate and it is all handsewn, so I'm hoping it's pretty good.

Hours to complete: Not sure, I didn't keep track... possibly about 2 hours?

First worn: Not yet
Total cost: About 50 cents for the strip of batiste:-)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mostly 1876-themed project dump

Hi everybody. I guess a little explanation of what's been going on is due... I can't believe it has been this long since I last posted anything before the fabric haul post- but a lot of tough things have happened, with a grave injury and illness in my family, so in between of that and my own ongoing health troubles and schoolwork overload there was no space for blogging or creating anything much. I hope it will improve somewhat now that the exams are done and summer is here...

Anyway, for now at least a couple of teasers - stuff that I started working on before all this madness happened, but didn't get around posting them.

1. Bonnet for Ellie's dollies - started working on it seriously ages ago, still not done, but getting there. I hope she'll like it when it's finished...

2. An 1876 dolman - this began as the project for the red HSF challenge from last year, but I didn't make it... Red satin, white flannel interlining, lining will probably be black given the black lace trimming I'm gonna sew on. It seriously needs ironing. And I'm wavering whether to add a black net overlay...

3. The silver 1876 gown that was meant to be finished by the time of Ellie's visit to Prague last year - well, might be it will be finished in time for her next visitXD I need to find silver grey tulle somewhere...and more of this awesome lace. Has anybody seen it for sale anywhere?

4. A turquoise 1876 winter jacket - finally found the fabric which is the right colour! I'm planning to add a white net lace overlay over it; fingers crossed the jacket will look good with the silver dress.
This is the pattern I'll be using, I think:

5. An 1876 petticoat to go with the gown - I started a bit strangely, with the detachable train, because it's the fun bit:-) I ran out of lace and it's only the second row...

Hope you ladies and gentlemen are doing good,
with love,


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fabric Haul Time!:-) Or Back to Blogging Again

We managed to pile up some really cute fabrics, flowers and lace - what are your favourites? We personally cannot wait for making something very delightful out of them. Skirts? Dresses? And matching accessories? All of that we will definitely try. But before we get there...enjoy at least  these pics. Which one do you find the most inspirational?


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