Our new Storenvy shop + a fabric haul

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Happy New Year everyone! May it be a happy, healthy and blessed one! What New Year goals have you set for yourself for 2018?
For me, on the top of the list was to launch our Storenvy shop. And lookie look, it's opened today! Yaaaay! Check it out, you all:-) http://vivianairis.storenvy.com/

I'm still figuring out how Storenvy works actually, so the logo needs work (I fiddled around with it for a while and somehow I'm doing something wrong it seems, it keeps stubbornly staying cut off at the wrong places), plus I need to add more items, but yay, it's up, it's up! Expect a giveaway soon-ish to celebrate the launch!
Oh and we've got a FB fanpage now. Yup, finally:-) Join in for updates!XD https://www.facebook.com/vivianairisfashions/

My three-months-lasting string of incessant illnesses seems to be finally drawing to a close, slowly, so I hope to blog more... well, at least a bit:-)
So now, onto the haul!

Lovely, lovely fabrics, trims and notions...
There was a sale over at the Sartor silk shop, which meant I could get my hands on the green brocade I need for the soft furnishings of the green MSD room, the orange brocade for the 1:12 dollhouse and the dupion swatch I need for the fashion show!!! Yay!

 Oh and guess what else's new, guess what else's new - teh budding indie Lolita brand Viviana Iris got invited to participate in a fashion show in February!!! *happy dance* One more reason for the long silence - yours truly has been busy using up the scraps of energy she had for hunting down kilometres of laces and fabrics all over the internet. And ostrich plumes. And butterflies. And sparkly buckles. And ribbons. And pearls. This photo up there is just a tiny sneak peak of the lusciousness to come.
Oh my, there are hats to make, dresses to make, hotels to book, models to have a fitting with...

So, we shall present 3 outfits at the show; of those, 1 dress is done, 1 bonnet is done, 1 petticoat is done and 1 skirt and 1 headdress are nearing completion. Which means, still 1 dress (the most complicated one), 1 hat, 1 blouse and at least 1 petticoat to go... I've started putting together the hat, but so far it is in the mock up stage.
Still waiting for most of the lace. Still have some to order yet. Post Office, please don't fail me now:-)

Good luck everyone to this New Year!

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