HSM Challenge: Out of your comfort zone, or 1830s sleeve supports

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So, I made it. Thanks to power outage that made most other amusements unavailable:-) Throughout yesterday, a windstorm has been raging all through the Czech Republic and it seems we've been lucky so far to have only the electricity hit...

The Challenge: Out of your comfort zone
... and well, it is. This is my first attempt at anything from 1830s - and it was fun!

Material: Cotton scraps from my grandma's destash, cotton batiste scraps, voile scraps for the stuffing

Pattern: drafted by my sister based on this tutorial: https://freshfrippery.com/2014/03/06/1830s-romantic-dress-part-2-sleeve-support-poufs/
Year: 1830s

How historically accurate is it? Not sure about the filling and perhaps I've stuffed the narrower part too much, but the cotton is accurate and it is all handsewn, so I'm hoping it's pretty good.

Hours to complete: Not sure, I didn't keep track... possibly about 2 hours?

First worn: Not yet
Total cost: About 50 cents for the strip of batiste:-)

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5 komentářů

  1. Hello Rosa,
    Well done. they look very good indeed.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you so much, Giac, you are always such a sweetheart!!! *hugs back*

  2. Wow, great work! Is there a gown planned for sometime soon? :)

    1. You bet, honey:-) A delicious black velvet mourning thing, as soon as I save up for the velvet, haha:-) But so many projects yet to finish (the bonnet for your dolly is nearly done and I should send it to you soon, yay!) that need money to be invested in them to push them forward, so not sure when it happens. I've got a delicious pink brocade though ready for my 1890s-inspired spring Lolita coat, so I expect to delve into that soon, as soon as I can get out of bed. Btw, I'm about halfway through a rather lengthy reply to your e-mail:-)

    2. That sounds truly wonderful! Shame that velvet is so expensive though - if I could get good quality velvet for a decent price, I would be a very happy girl XD Fabrics are frustratingly costly these days :(
      It will be a treat to see it sometime, as well as your other upcoming projects. :) The pink brocade coat sounds like it will be a real stunner - will it have the huge leg of mutton sleeves, or a smaller, more subdued sleeve?
      And I absolutely can't wait to see the bonnet in the mail!! I adore the bonnet that you made me last time, and the rest of the clothes - they're works of art. <3 I'm actually getting a BJD in the next few months (Myou Delia, I've decided on, if you wanted to have a look) by the way :D I wanted a doll to look like Aika.
      Looking forward to your email! *hugs*