LBC: One more time, 3 trends you could never get into

by - 2:30 AM

   ... or in my case, rather just one; I have not been watching the community properly lately it seems, since I cannot recall any interesting new trend appearing - or at least nothing that would immediatelly catch my eye the way the following one did.

   Deer antlers in Lolita

Image courtesy of etsy
   Very well, I admit, this picture may be a little exaggerated:-) Nevertheless, bearing figurative deer antlers on your head when you are human has got a rather funny connotation in my country - that is, it means you have been cuckolded - so, as a Czech born and bred, it is always a little difficult for me at first to understand why would anybody wish to flaunt their misfortune to the world before I realize that Lolitas abroad probably have got no such a connotation:-)

   Is there any trend, Lolitas of the world, that makes you torn whether to jump on the bandwagon or not, since in the local area it might have connotations you'd much rather avoid? Tell me in the comments please, I'm rather curious about that.

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4 komentářů

  1. That is hilarious! I had no idea that was any sort of tradition, now that's all I'll be able to see. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your comment and please forgive me I didn't reply at your own blog - I tried, but it seems I'd have to register with Disqus, and I feel a little uncomfortable about that.
      I'm glad you find it hilarious too!:-) I can imagine a thing like this will be difficult to unseeXD As for your 3 Lolita trends you don't favour, I agree wholeheartedly about the first two - I'm not much fond of the rocking horse shoes or the creepy cute fad either. As for the third one, it's I suppose again the issue of cultural connotations - since in my country as far as I can ascertain we do not put bonnets like these on the heads of babies, it's okay with me, though I'm not too enthusiastic about how floppy the Sweet Lolita bonnets usually look. I always feel they need a good deal of starch, or lining with buckram:-)

  2. Oh, wow. I can see that not being a good idea in some places. I can't think of any trends that I would have a problem like that with.

    1. That's good, means you can indulge in any that strikes your fancy without feeling funny:-) Thanks for your comment, Lilian!