LBC: What Changes Will You Make To Your Lolita Wardrobe in 2016?

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I think my list is going to be more of a to-sew list rather than a to-buy one:-)

First of all, I'm kind of thinking about making myself a new coat, because the BTSSB one I have just doesn't have much room to accomodate a good petticoat. I'm eyeing a sax blue wool/polyester blend, but I'm a bit torn whether I shouldn't rather try to find some wool blend in pink. The coat would be ideally something similar to this Mary Magdalene one:

 Then, getting more of what I think the Victorians would term the "day dresses" is definitely in the plans - i.e. a bit simplier OPs of easily washable cottons for daily wear around the house, to do the chores in and so on. Something in the vein of this:

Cute, practical, comfy = win!

Some simple white dress a la Picnic at the Hanging Rock would be great, too. Like this, maybe:

I'm also kind of in need of an eyelet lace-trimmed white underskirt to peek underneath my skirts... I have the lace, but the fabric, not yet.

Finally, I'll try to restore the antique parasol I've got as a present; at the moment, it is a bit rusty and stripped of all fabric and it will be a lot of work to make it pretty again - but if I find the money to buy the white silk and the lace I want to use on it, I'll try my best.

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5 komentářů

  1. Ooh, all of them sound so pretty! I can imagine them now! I especially love the idea of comfy Lolita OPs around the house - so much win.
    I was just about to do a similar post just now, though I hadn't seen the LBC post... Spooky. XD

    1. Hahaha, that's uncanny indeed! Thanks a lot, I'm very much looking forward to those comfy ones... I've sort of started working on one, though it's a jsk because I haven't got enough of fabric, so maybe I'll post about it soon... But first I'll go and check your post outXD

    2. Wait, I already have *smacks her head* I really need to sleep more!:-D

  2. Hello Rosa,
    What great projects. I can't wait to see your work.
    Big hug,

    1. Awww, Giac, thanks for stopping by! That's so very sweet of you:-) I hope all your projects are going great, I really love them - and I wait for a new post of yours with a bated breath:-)