Azure Polkadot OP

by - 10:28 AM

My sister made this for me originally as one of the "day dresses" or OPs to be worn at home, to work in and nevermind the dirt or the wrinkling- but ended up so cute I'm scared to use it like that, haha!:-)
It was inspired by the Arcadia Dolls' Twilight Garden series and it's incredibly comfy to wear - but I think I might need to sew an apron to wear over it like Victorian girls did so it wouldn't get injured...:-/ God, I love, love, love it to pieces!

Few pics of the sewing process:

I know, I know, I'll really try better next timeXD

What's brewing: a post about a new bonnet I'm working on (hopefully, if I figure out the base layer) and another of the 'day dresses', this time a jsk! Or more appropriately, about turning a skirt into a jsk. And maybe something about the progress on the dollhouse - so stay tuned, folks!:-)

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7 komentářů

  1. Wow, it's gorgeous! What a lovely colour, and the lace is beautiful too!

    1. Thanks so much, Ellie, you are so sweet! Yeah, the colour stole my heart the moment I saw the fabric, just like the lace. My sis is awesome!
      I'm very happy you like it:-)

    2. Your sister is awesome to make such a lovely dress!

      By the way, I've replied to your message on LiveJournal and I feel bad for talking about myself so much - please feel free to say lots of things about yourself and your experiences, so I don't take over and sound really narcissistic. :) Haha, sorry I wrote a lot again!
      I've also added you on Skype.

    3. Dear Ellie, thanks so much for your message, it made me giddy! Hahaha, you didn't talk that much about yourself at all:-) No worries about seeming narcissistic:-) And I like hearing about you:-) Added you back, so after Christmas we 'meet up' and chat? I'll dress up too, yay:-D Right now I'm decorating the tree, btw, smells so lovely here - how about you, have you got it decorated or is your family going to do it today? I think you English get your presents tomorrow morning, is that so? (We Czechs get them tonight, yeehaw!)
      I'm working on the reply, but I think it will take me at least a week...:-/ Sorry, Ellie!

    4. Haha, I hope that it made you giddy is a good thing~! :D I'm glad you don't think I've taken over with talking about myself, as sometimes people like that can sound annoying (that's what other people have said to me - I personally like hearing a lot from other people).

      Yay, I'm looking forward to it! We can have a tea party for two from across Skype, haha. Like a meetup for antisocial/shy Lolitas. ;)

      Decorating the tree sounds fun. Are you doing it alone or with your family? I decorated a few days after December begins, and in England some eager people start dressing their trees in November (I think they're the really religious people though). And yep, we're getting our presents tomorrow (can't wait, though my Mum hasn't wrapped mine yet - I've been helping with the wrapping for the past few days and she won't let me wrap my own presents, haha). Tonight though, we're going to open the presents from our siblings, and then tomorrow is for the main presents from our parents and other relatives. I think I'm going to have to give my dogs their presents tonight though, as they're going crazy trying to snatch the treats from the table I put them on! :)

      Yeehaw! Enjoy getting your presents tonight!

  2. Hello Rosa,
    It is beautiful. Very well done.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac, thanks so very much! It makes my heart flutter that you like it:-) *hugs back*