Sewing Project: an Embroidered Bustle Pad

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   For one of my planned Lolita dresses I'll most likely need a bustle pad, so I found a tutorial on Youtube by the lovely Traybuff and tried my hand at it.

    What should have been a pretty quick and straightforward craft turned into a matter of 8 days, when I decided to embellish it with wheat embroidery and lace insertion.

   The embroidery pattern from La Belle Assemblée, 1815:

   My first ever attempt at circular lace insertion. Or any lace insertion, for that matter:-) Kind of feels like magic to make, even though I have not quite figured out yet how to force the lace to lie down perfectly smoothly.

   I didn't mark the edge of the smaller circle and as a result it is uneven, ah well. We learn from our mistakes.

   I had no wadding at hand, so I stuffed it with white old rags - they serve well, but I wonder if wadding would have produced a smoother result?

   But overall, I'm quite happy with it:-)))

Fabric and notions used:
A piece of old cotton sheeting
A vintage ribbon (I think it is a silk taffetta, but I'm not sure)
A vintage French insertion lace

It is entirely handsewn.

Project start date: 27. 10. 2013
Project end date: 4. 11. 2013

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3 komentářů

  1. Dear Rosa,

    Such handsome embroidery! You do really nice work. In fact, looked back on your blog and found the jeans that you had upcycled with ribbon work and was really impressed. I love embroidery, though haven't done any in a year or so.

    Very best, and think the bustle pad turned out well. If the cloth it's stuffed with feels too heavy you can always re-stuff it with crinkled paper: that was done back in the day.

    Very best,


  2. Good gracious! Your embroidery is gorgeous! I am in awe! have inspired me! I think I may have to embroider a dress now! I love the wheat of my favorites! Beautifully done!


  3. This looks so simple and cute! Thank you! Your embroidery is really pretty~