Project Dump: An apron skirt, embroidery and a spring headdress

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My sincerest apologies to Pop*Princess to whom I've promised a saree tutorial a long time ago - and long time ago I started to work on it, but since my health has deteriorated so I can't meet one vital requirement of such a pursuit - prolonged standing. So dear Pop*Princess, I'm again sorry- I promise to do it as soon as my health permits.

Also, thanks so much to all my lovely 22 followers for subscribing! Sadly my Followers gadget went AWOL and I can't seem to find a way how to repair it - so if you have recently joined, please consider leaving a comment, I'd love to know who you are:-)

First on the list of the project dump is a pink apron skirt which I had started to work on back in 2009 and forgot it nearly finished on the bottom of a drawer till some three days ago, when I stumbled upon it during searching for fabric for the embroidered pillowcase below - I showed it to my sister, she thought a short while and then took it off my hands. And here is the result - very pretty, isn't it? At last I have something to wear around the house:-)

And since she was already at it, the lovely sister that she is, she made a cushion out of the remaining fabric:

Spring is coming... you can't really smell it in the air yet here, but nature is already giving signs. For one, we've had several days of sunlight! Amazing. And so I got an itch in my hands to make something springy, and what spells out spring better than flowers?

Finally finished... a rose carpet for the nursery of the Fantasia Dollhouse, + a not-so-matching bell pull; but then, cast-off, worn-out stuff was put in nurseries commonly in Victorian period, so it's okay.

Work in Progress

The embroidered pillow I had intended to make as a present was halted by a lack of large enough embroidery frame at first; and then when Dad made it for me, lack of strength to lift it. It's pretty heavy! But I was on cloud 9 the whole day when he gave it to me. It's great to have such a skillful familyXD
Thanks to God I'm finally getting a little better and Downton Abbey is on the rerun on TV - since Downton Abbey = embroidering in my book.
Unfortunately the hoop frame I used previously has somehow stained the fabric... I hope it will wash away.

And lastly, I've started working on a Chinese carpet for a blue and white room I intend to create (did I mention I'm adding two floors + attic to the dollhouse? As soon as health lets me, that is):

Have a wonderful new week, dear friends, and may this year 2013 treat you well!

Love, RosaJ

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