LBC Week 24: My Favourite Accessory

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 This week's prompt is to write about our favourite Lolita accessory - but how would it be possible to choose just one among so much beauty? So I've compiled a small list:-)


I'm an aspiring Period Lolita, so bonnets make my heart flutter - this is the first one I ever made and hopefully is soon to be followed by another one, made of dark blue velvet. I just need to find some buckram...



Flowers and girls simply belong together the way I see it; even the dullest of outfits or hairstyles is instantly made interesting if a flower is added to the equation. Not to mention, corsages are fun and easy to make!


Parasols, in my humble opinion, add a touch of incredible elegance, romanticism and femininity to a coord - plus they are very practical, especially if your skin does not fancy Sun much and if you wish to keep it fair. Once actually parasol saved me from a potentially very nasty sunstroke, when I had to wait for a bus on a station with no roof to hide under for four hours under a mercilessly blazing Sun.

Antique Haircombs

Not strictly Lolita perhaps (yet),but in Period Lolita coords they could look so amazing! They could give them a certain air of authenticity I'd say and add interest to an otherwise dull updo.

My preshiouussss, a Chinese comb from the late 19th Century

That's all for now, have a great weekend!:-)

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2 komentářů

  1. Oh Wow Hair Combs! I love them so much, I love all of your choices.

  2. Thanks very much, that's very sweet of you! I agree, haircombs are amazing - do you perchance collect them?