LBC: Top 3 Wishlist Items

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   This week's challenge is Top 3 Wishlist Items, which I imagine was a really tough thing to decide for all the participants!:-)
   Nevertheless, here are mine and I hope you will like them as much as I liked the items on the other bloggers' lists.

1. First comes the white batiste and lace dress that has been for so long on my To-Sew List, inspired by this beautiful Edwardian doll dress by Cynthia Howe:

Plus the Juliette et Justine skirt:

 And a doll dress by Molendrix:

2. A new white parasol, which I'll most likely try to make by myself. Finding a suitable frame with a nice handle on a budget is proving quite challenging though - not to speak I can't decide whether to use silk or not.
Victorian Maiden
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1880-90
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1850-60
3. Tavistock Victorian Boots- boots like these have been on my Wishlist for a long time, and my heart made a small sommersault when I saw them on the American Duchess's blog... she's got them in white right now as well, so cute!
American Duchess
   Have a lovely new week everyone and stay tuned for a fresh addition to the Beautiful Sights section:-) (Plus the violet oil recipes are coming soon too... with a disaster story)

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