Fabric Haul Time!:-) Or Back to Blogging Again

by - 5:05 AM

We managed to pile up some really cute fabrics, flowers and lace - what are your favourites? We personally cannot wait for making something very delightful out of them. Skirts? Dresses? And matching accessories? All of that we will definitely try. But before we get there...enjoy at least  these pics. Which one do you find the most inspirational?

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  1. So beautiful! <3 I absolutely love the third and last photograph, with the black, white and gold fabrics and lace - I guess I'm more attracted to black and Gothic Lolita these days. :D I'm so happy you're back to blogging! I saw that you had posted when I woke up this morning, checking my Bloglovin emails, and I was so excited. *big hugs*

    1. *hugs back* Oh honey, thank you for your sweet words! Yeah, the black and white fabrics and laces are smashing, can't wait to delve into them. Gothic Lolita suits you wonderfully! I still remember the lovely black dress with its fantastic lace - you were so cute in it:-) I'm glad to be back to blogging, too, I need to catch up on your posts;-)

    2. Hi Rosa! I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to these messages, I've been on holiday and got back a couple of weeks ago, and have been ill and had some hang-ups about using my laptop. I'll hazard a guess that you have a lot of things on your plate too! I hope every day that things are okay for you and your family.
      Hope to hear from you soon! Maybe we could email each other as well as Skype from time to time? *hugs*

    3. Hi honey, please don't apologise, I'm the one who is sorry for not replying! My Skype is bust somehow, can't figure out what is wrong. And yes, many things on my plate besides:-/ I'll tell you as soon as I make that Skype work.

    4. Hi! (I'm using a different account here so that I can create my new blogs, but I'll show you them when I'm done :)) Oh, it seems that something similar happened with my Skype. It updated automatically and therefore wouldn't deliver any new message notifications to my phone, and wouldn't show me when people were online. Did yours update or something? If you can't get it working soon, maybe just send me a line on LiveJournal?