Sweet Doll Skirt, Top and Bloomers - for sale right now:-)))

by - 3:44 AM

Yay, new project finished!!! Sis and mum were hard at work and look at what they've made - so cute! I hope it will make some girl happy and she'll love wearing these a lot...
It's for sale here over at Lacemarket: http://egl.lacemarket.us/auctions/sweet-doll-printed-set-of-matching-skirt-top-and-bloomers-free-purse-as-a-bonus 

So, how do you like it?:-) We nearly squealed with excitement when we saw the fabric - and the cute fabric shop we ran into by a total chanceXD

I've got a bonnet commission finished, so I expect to post pictures here soon... see you, dear souls! 

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7 komentářů

  1. Hello Rosa,
    It is stunning. what a beautiful dress! I love the shape and detail on the skirt. It is really beautiful. The entire outfit is superbly done. Great work!
    Big hug

    1. Thank you, dear Giac, you are such a great support and so very sweet as always! *hugs*

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous, and will definitely make some girl very happy! The fabric is stunning and oh so cute. Excellent work!

    1. Thank you Ellie, sweetheart! *hugs* Yeah, hopefully... we're so excited that you like it!:-) But how is your sewing going, have you started working on the aqua gown yet?

    2. That's okay! *hugs* As for my sewing, I've just finished my corset, which I need to photograph, and then I may start on either a Lolita coat or the aqua gown next - I'm excited to start on the latter, but also kind of dreading it, in case I make any mistakes!
      P.S. I sent you out a London postcard and tiny letter today, so I hope it arrives safely!

    3. Your corset? Sweet!!! I hope you post the pictures soon, if you intend to post them. Are you planning to make a mockup for the aqua gown? How much yardage have you got?
      Oh wow, thank you, that's great - and darling, would you have guessed, it arrived just now! I'm reading through it with a big smile, you've warmed up the day so much *hugs*

    4. I'm hoping to post the pictures as soon as I can, I just need to iron my chemise first and then finish off some tiny details on the corset. I've already written the post, I simply need a good opportunity for photos! :)
      I think I will make a mock-up of the bodice for the aqua gown, and kind of wing it with the skirt. I always have trouble finding the right size for bodices on patterns, so I'll definitely have to mock-up that one before starting, which sounds boring, but it needs to be done! I think I've got either nine or ten meters.

      Wow, I'm glad it arrived so fast! It was rather short and kinda boring, but I'm happy it made you happy! :) *big hugs*