Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink Meringue JSK Project- Loads of Fluffy Tulle Ahead!:-)

My lovely sister just finished one part of the beading lace for the bodice. There were meant to be silk ribbon embroidered roses + probably butterflies, either of needle lace, beading, silk embroidery, or all of these - we'll see what we add and what we don't.
The skirt part, methinks, needs more layers of frills... it's a bit bare as it is. We have them prepared, but we aren't sure yet. What do you think, ladies and gentleman?

XOXO, have lovely remaining days of summer! (That said, where did it go? Anybody else has the feeling this year's summer is kinda short?)


  1. I'm curious about seeing the JSK completed! And with the work in progress photos I can see how much care your sister puts into the work.
    The skirt part looks so fluffy, I agree that more ruffles might be nice :)
    Enjoy the rest of the summer too!

    1. Thanks, darling! <3 Yes, she plays with it so much, she's incredible:-)<3<3<3 I'm hoping we'll be able to show some progress soon - thanks a lot for your input, I think you're right about the ruffles... How is your drawing proceeding? Did you have a nice holiday, or were you working?

    2. Yes, she is! :)
      I've finished all pictures I wanted to and also drew some more. Still need to practice though. Otherwise I didn't really do much(no luck finding a part time job, which is mostly my own fault though) but I enjoyed some fun lolita related events during summer :)

  2. Hello Rosa,
    That is just gorgeous. The detail is superb.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you, Giac, we're always thrilled to see you like it<3

  3. Thank you!<3<3<3 Btw, may I ask you a question? I saw your post about the canotier you made and it was SO lovely, I wanted to leave a comment but found no button for it - is it just my browser/AdBlock/Ghostery acting up, or have you disabled comments? *confused*

  4. So fluffy and pink, like cotton candy! It's fabulous, darling! Your sister's and your own works always thrill me when I spot them on my Blogger dashboard! I think more frills are in order, too - though it does still look lovely as it is, if you decide against them. And that beading is great so far - was it fun to do for your sister?



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