Sewing Project: Bloomers Galore!

by - 9:51 AM

Project dump time again!:-) A collection of bloomers my sis has made - two pairs of them for sale, one pair for me.

So first is a pair of pink chiffon cuteness that's still up for adoption (here at Lacemarket, for 21 USD + shipping of some 7 USD within Europe and 8.4 USD to the US). Soft, fluffy, adorable, French-seamed throughout (that chiffon frays like nobody's business!) - I hope it gets a good home soon:-)


Next is a pair of frilly white batiste bloomers, currently on hold.

 Aaand these are mine, to match a dress she made me few years ago:-)

A little appetizer: this rose-printed cotton is going to turn into cute short bloomers for sale soon:-) In reality it's more cotton candy pink, but the poor lightning didn't allow me to catch the true colour...
And this pink dotted tulle's gonna turn into bloomers, too, this time my sister's:

Whew! Three posts in a month. I made it. *pats herself on the back* Thank God for the extra day this year:-)

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2 komentářů

  1. Such cuteness all in one post! I love all the bloomers, especially the pink chiffon ones. They're all so unique and well-made. Well done to you and your sister! :)

    1. *hugs* Hahaha, well done to her only, it's all her work:-) Yeah, the pink chiffon ones are darling! It really breaks my heart to see them go, if you could touch them, the pink fluffiness is something amazing<3