Kokoshnik Commission Finished, Kitten Skirt, Pink Silk Taffeta Bloomers - Or It's Project Dump Time Again

by - 2:36 PM

Just a quick update on some of the stuff that's been finished lately... I'm too tired to write a proper post, sorry, but I'd at least like to share some photos of the current-ish projects with you, guys:-)

Kittens, strawberries, cherries, polkadots and lace - isn't it just adorable? A sweet surprise pressie from Iris...

Finished kokoshnik commission - I'm kind of thinking about making one for myself for the upcoming Animefest 2019 Fashion Show, but I'm not entirely sure yet, since this type of a headdress is extremely laborious... but so regal when worn!

Silk taffeta and silk satin ribbons bloomers commission. Now the second pair, longer, is almost done... next up is a prom gown. So much to sew yet!
Cloud-printed bloomers in pink and blue; I have the black version of the fabric at home as well, but right now have no time or energy to turn it into bloomers. Someday in the future, then! The pink colourway is for sale at our Lacemarket shop here...
...and the blue colourway here.

That's all for now, next post will hopefully be up in December - hope you'll have a wonderful Advent time!

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4 komentářů

  1. Everything is very cute and beautiful but the kitten skirt is absolutely the cutest!

    1. Thanks so much, Luci! So happy you like it! The kittens are just the sweetest thing, aren't they?<3<3<3 I hope you have wonderful Christmas! I wish you loads of cute presents and all the best to the New Year!

  2. Hello Rosa,
    Everything in these pictures is just beautiful, but I must say the kokoshnik is incredible!
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac, thank you, you are so kind! Merry Christmas, I hope you get loads and loads of wonderful miniatures as presents (and that you'll share them on your blog;-) )! Best of luck to the New Year!