Mini Projects: Real Soap For BJD, the Gothic Door Update and More!

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 The Gothic door is almost done from one side - have to figure out what to do with the reverse one...  plus the frame for the door is a nightmare so far - I think I need to get some balsa wood for it.  But finally in Romania I found some nice hinges for it, yay, so at least that problem is solved!

The sitting room, how it looks so far. It looks beter in reality, but I'm not satisfied with it, anyway. The colours of the walnut and the mahogany furniture clash. I think I'll just transfer the walnut into the study, once I begin working on it. And I'll move this room to another one, to make space for a corridor with a staircase, I think.

Harvest and preparing for winter in the Barbie dollhouse. Looking forward to making some nice tiled stove in the style used here in Bohemia in the 19th Century... Gosh I wish I could get my hands on some local 19th Century catalogue!

Embroidered towels for the ladies of the Barbie house... three done, about thirteen more to go, I believe. I lost count. Need to make census of the inhabitants...

The cook resting after a lot of baking. Made the bread, the baguette and all the other baked stuff out of salt dough, the kettle was a gift from a friend who found it in an antique store - seems it's actually copper and looks lovely when polished. Been a while since I did, looks like it needs to be done again. The bread baskets are made of wire and cord in one case, in the other, of wire and bast twine, if I remember correctly. The table was made by daddy and me, the chair is from a flea market. And I really need to re-root her hair and finish the dress... oh well, one day.

Real scented soap for our BJD!!! It was such fun to make! We traditionally put scented soap into the clothing in our wardrobes to make it smell nice and to ward off moths, so this was a must have for our dolly. I might make some more with a different scent when I have scraps of it...

Now, there is more, but I can't walk because of a sprained knee, so more photos will have to wait till it heals a bit:-) What are you working on, folks?

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  1. Goodness me, you have really amazing miniatures! It's funny and really incredible that you can make or find all these tiny things for tiny "people"!! The room is beautiful too, whether the different woods clash or not. :)

    I'd love to hear more about your dollhouse! How long have you been working on it, and how many rooms/inhabitants does it have? What does the outside look like, and what scale is everything? (I wonder, do you have any rooms or scenes for your BJDs too? It would have to be a very big room or house obviously, but I'm interested in the logistics of making something like that for some BJD photography) :)
    Obviously you don't have to answer all these questions now or here, but I've been meaning to ask you about your dollhouse for a while now, and I always seem to forget when we're actually chatting, haha.

    1. Awww, thank you, honey! I just adore collecting and making, as you said, tiny things for tiny people :-)
      Hmm, how long... about six years, I think? Learning from scratch? I could do no woodworking at all when I started, nothing much useful for dollhouses actually save for embroidery and sewing. The dollhouse itself was made by our dad when we were children, for Barbies - but it turned out too small for their needs, so, when I chanced upon some dollhouse books in the UK, I decided to turn it into a 1:12 one. It's kind of still in its beginnings honestly, but I'll take a photo of it for you once I can walk :-)
      Yeah, I'm trying to put together a room for our BJD, too! I haven't got the room yet (I'm a bit unsure whether to put it together myself, or whether to save up and ask a local carpenter because geometry and accuracy are a problem for me), but I've got some really nice furniture amassed... you wouldn't believe what can be found at local flea markets! Found a sofa, a commode, a nice wardrobe and a round rug... plus Iris bought this wonderful Venetian-like mirror at a florist. Also, I'm slooowly working on a writing desk and a footstool with hidden storage space inside for the dolly... tough work, I wonder if I can finish it successfully. Are YOU making anything for your BJD? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

      Oh - and I've got some of the panelling for the BJD room in the works... might make a post about it as soon as the leg allows. Really curious what you're gonna think about it all when you see it!

      I'll throw the furniture together and take a photo to give you an idea just how big the room's gonna be... just, knee, please work. And cold, go away. It's so annoying to be stuck in bed when your head is overflowing with ideas:-D

    2. That's really sweet that you made use of the house your dad made for the barbies. I've occasionally seen dollhouse magazines in stores here, but I'm not sure if they'd still have them now, since most things are online these days...
      I'd absolutely love to see more pictures, especially of the whole house! That's so amazing that you learnt how to work with wood - I'd be kind of scared, but the carved window that you're working on is fantastic. <3 You're so multi-talented!

      All of those items for the BJD room sound great! Oh, and the desk and footstool!! Show me pics, when you can!! I can't wait to see :)

      I haven't made anything for her yet, but I DID change her eyes a couple of weeks ago, to a brown pair more fitting her character. I'm kind of just working on stuff for myself at the moment (sorry, Aika!) - some bustle-era underpinnings, a country Lolita styled JSK, and that hairwork embroidery piece I shared to my Instagram. I better get started with my ballgown, though!

      Oh yeah, I know the feeling! Don't push yourself to take the pictures for my sake, and I hope your cold eases up, dear.
      I was wondering, do you write your manuscripts on a computer or a laptop? When I'm a bit ill and feel like doing something creative I usually take my laptop to bed with me and work on my stories there... I'm not sure if that would be an option for you.

  2. Hello Rosa,
    The room is coming along beautifully. The gothic door is already incredible, even in its unfinished state. The carved detail is lovely and very well done. You have some beautiful pieces in your collection and I look forward to seeing more.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! So great to see you here. Thanks a lot, it's very encouraging coming from you *hugs* How is your manor progressing? Can't wait to see your new posts... you're always up to something fabulous, I can only gape in awe!