A Quick Update: 1876 Petticoat Progress

by - 3:57 PM

It's starting to look good, methinks...however, it seems to provide little in terms of support in the crucial area below the knees. I wonder, will two more trainless petticoats underneath solve the problem, or will I have to go the bustle cage way?


Aaand I'm all out of lace. I'm thinking of using tulle lace for the remaining ruffle rows, since it looked lovely when I tried it, but I'm not sure how historically accurate that would be... thoughts?

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  1. Hello Rosa,
    It is looking gorgeous. The lace is exquisite and your sewing is fantastic. I love the way the bottom part is gathered. Keep up the amazing work!
    Big hug

    1. Thank you so much, Giac!!! You are so sweet as always. Yes, isn't the lace cute? Wish I had more of it...
      Hugs back, lots of love, Rosa

  2. I'm so glad you're still working on this project, I simply can't wait to see it all come together! Wow, and all that lace and ruffles looks amazing. <3

    Hmm, I'm thinking that a tournure/lobster tail bustle would do the trick, and with another, simpler petticoat or two, it should have a really good silhouette. Something like this, maybe: http://historicalsewing.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/1876-project-undergarments.html
    How many ruffle rows have you got left to do? :)

    P.S. My chemise is nearly finished! I just need to do the hem, and hand-sew some more lace. :)

    1. Hmm, might be you are right - I'm working on another petticoat now, a simple one to go under that (and I ran out of fabric just as I was finishing up the bottom ruffles again!), but put together, it gets pretty heavy, so I'm wondering if perhaps the lobster tail bustle would be lighter... Thanks a lot for the link! Tbh for me a project like this is daunting so far, but if it would make the silhouette correct AND make the whole thing easier to wear...
      Ah, three or four I think. Just can't make up my mind as to whether to buy more eyelet lace, or finish it up with the tulle one. I'll see I guess :-)
      YAY! How is it progressing now? Done?

  3. Oh no! It seems like running out of whatever one needs in the final moments is the dressmaker's curse! XD I haven't made a lobster tail bustle yet (it's on my to-do list, but I have my eye on the dimity bustle pattern in Fashions of the Gilded Age book 1), so I'm not sure how heavy it gets...

    Not yet! I've been avoiding sewing lately, which is annoying since I just need to hem it. :D I'm just really tired and don't want to make a mistake, haha. I'm also considering embroidering a monogram on it. :)

    Have you received anything in the post, by the way? :)