Working on the Fantasia Dollhouse: Gothic Door in Progress

by - 6:13 AM

Hello! *waves a bandaged hand* I managed to cut myself rather spectacularly as I was carving one of the columns for this door, so I guess it will be a bit silent here while it heals... serves me right for carving as I talk and watch TV, holding it in my hand instead of pressing it against some firm surface!

This door is meant for a balcony archway, to close it so that light couldn't get in and destroy the fabrics and furniture. Dad cut and sanded the base for me; the carving is by me. Now this is the second time I ever tried to carve anything, so it's not perfect and it's far from done - but I'm quite happy with how it's going (except for the gory bits). It opens up possibilities...
It's going to be painted white.

Now, the window installed in the room it belongs to is Georgian (I think - so the seller said) and it kind of seems out of place there... and also a bit plain.

 - I wonder whether to take it out and exchange it for a white Gothic one (which I'd have to make). Something like this maybe:


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  1. It looks lovely so far! Amazing carving work, Rosa - though of course I'm sorry about your hand. It's very detailed and gothic - I love it! I think that the picture of the window you showed us will look fantastic, and will perhaps fit in more than the Georgian window, even if the Georgian window is very pretty.
    Are we going to see the full dollhouse on your blog at some point? I'd be interested to see the full picture at some point :)

    1. Darling Ellie, thanks so much!!! *glomps* I think you are right about the window, thank you for your kind advice - I was really torn about it, but now I'm sure, thanks:-)
      Oh yes! I never showed it, did I?!*facepalm* It's very bare now to an extent, but I'll keep it in mind to post an image of it soon.

  2. Hello Rosa,
    I hope you heal quickly! It is worth your time and effort (and pain and tears) as the door is coming along beautifully.
    Big hug

    1. Thanks a lot, dear Giac, you are so encouraging! I hope you post something new, soon, I can't wait to see how your dollhouse is progressing, it's a feast for the eyes! *hugs*